Heelift AFO | Smooth

Suspension Boot

Single | Universal


Heelift AFO, like all Heelift Boots, allows for patient-specific customization. This has the same features as the Glide boot but also incorporates a semi-rigid polyprop AFO. This boot is designed to hold the ankle at 90°. It features a non-slip traction fabric sole and facilitates a limited amount of safe indoors weight bearing. They can be washed (60°C) or autoclaved for sterility.

Sizing Chart

Calf Circumference

8 inches – 14 inches

20 cm – 36 cm

Height Range

60 inches – 77 inches

152 cm – 196 cm

Weight Range

120 lbs. – 250 lbs.

54 kg – 113 kg


  • soft, smooth nylon coating allows the leg to “glide” from one side to the other
  • non-slip traction bottom – Easy on – Easy off
  • can be washed (60° C) or autoclaved for sterility
  • ventilation holes for increase comfort
  • additional forefoot strap provides fixation and support of the foot

      Recommended For

      • dorsiflexion support for drop foot, paralyzed legs or comatose patients
      • healing and prevention of pressure ulcers on the foot
      • diabetic foot syndrome and decubitus
      • plantar flexion contracture
      • treatment of plantar fasciitis for at-risk patients
      • braden pressure-sore risk scale of 17 points or less
      • sedentary diabetic patients with neurological sensory deficit
      • foot pulse not palpable

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