Feet in Motion

Paediatric Stability Device



The Feet in Motion is a popular high density, non-rigid EVA insole which is available with neutral, 3° and 5° rearfoot posting. High borders and deep heel cups provide excellent rearfoot stability. No top cover and colour identified left and right devices make this insole very child friendly. ¾ length is easily accommodated in most footwear. 


  • ¾ length
  • Neutral, 3° and 5° rearfoot posting
  • High Density EVA
  • Deep heel cup
  • Migh medial and lateral borders
  • Flat base
  • Left and right individually coloured

Recommended For

  • Suitable for hypermobile feet
  • Mild to moderate pronation
  • Medium arch profile
  • Hyper and hypotonia
  • Children’s school and sports footwear

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