EVA-Dual | Custom CAD CAM Orthotic


Dual Density Functional Orthoses

The EVA-Dual device has a similar rearfoot density to the Evolve orthoses, but with a milder midfoot support. This dual-density shell provides a more comfortable midfoot control and enables optimal load transfer. It also facilitates 1st ray function which assists in the propulsion phase of gait.


  • Similar properties to Evolve but firmer rearfoot control
  • Comfortable midfoot support
  • Enables optimal load transfer
  • Designed to facilitate propulsion

Recommended For

  • Provides excellent stability but with milder midfoot control which facilitates 1st ray plantarflexion
  • Hypermobility
  • Casual or sports wear
  • Close contact fit


  • Not suitable for slim fitting footwear
  • Not suited to heavy patients