Why Choose Us?

Highlighted below are some of the key features about PPL which separate us from our competition. We endeavour to exceed customer expectations with the services that we provide. You can also find more information in our Services section.

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Custom & Stock Products



Stock Products Only


PPL Biomechanics

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Custom & Stock Products


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Stock Products Only


Expansive Product Range

We manufacture a wide range of custom orthoses and our own orthotic components and additions from high quality materials. Our range of stock products features highly reputable brands such as Vasyli, X-Line and SalfordInsole. We offer an extensive range of orthopaedic Footwear and Hosiery from Dr. Comfort, Podartis and Vionic. Offloading is now recognised as the key factor in both the prevention and management of foot ulcers. Our comprehensive selection of Offloading and Wound Care solutions include TCC-EZ, Aircast Walkers, DARCO healing and rockers shoes. We will accept returns of stock products for credit, within three months of invoice and dispatch. (see our terms and conditions for more details)
We offer discounts on repeat custom orders (exact repeats), bulk orders and loyalty rewards. See our pricing page for further details.

Fast Turnaround & Delivery

As our customers know, we like talking to you, however taking orders and payments over the phone is very time consuming and “clogs up” our phone lines. We are therefore offering quicker order fulfilment times to customers who place orders by email / online and pay by Direct Debit / online.

Please read our services update below to help us to help you by delivering the services and products that best suit your needs.

Order Method

Payment Method

Typical Turnaround Time

(Working Days - Order Receipt to Dispatch)

Email or Online Order

Direct Debit

1 (next) Day

Orders accepted before 1pm

Order Online


2 Days

Phone Order

Direct Debit

2 Days

Email or Phone Order

Pay by Phone

3 Days

We cannot guarantee Order Turnaround or Delivery Times due to factors beyond our control.


Expert Craftsmanship

Our production staff are highly skilled in all aspects of orthotic manufacture. They are subject to stringent training procedures to ensure our premium level of quality is achieved. 

Technical Support

Our senior technical staff have a wealth of knowledge in both orthotic manufacture and prescription writing. They offer expert assistance with choosing the correct product for your patient. This service is very popular amongst our customers, providing them with the confidence and reassurance which they may sometimes be lacking in.

Training & Education

Our Sales, Marketing and Education Team ensure our customers are aware of all our services and products via training courses, customer visits, online training guides, email, website updates and attendance at conference trade shows. Please see our Education area for more information on the wide variety of services available or contact our Sales Team directly. 

Customer Service

Our friendly customer service team are always happy to assist practitioners with their orders and general queries. If they are unable to resolve an issue they ensure the query is passed through to the appropriate department.