Technical Support Services

Our customers continually inform us that our technical advice service is second to none and the primary reason for choosing us. Our Technical Support Team boasts a knowledge base ranging from prescription, assessment and gait analysis to biomechanical and medical expertise, combined with over twenty years of manufacturing experience. This allows them to offer bespoke, detailed assistance to practitioners in relation to device selection and prescription for every eventuality. At PPL, we do not prescribe devices for our customers, but we are always willing to share our knowledge and suggestions. Our range is constantly expanding, with our Technical Support Team at the forefront of all new product knowledge. Contact our Technical Support Team for assistance.

Every custom made device order we receive, is screened by the technical department, which acts as a safety net to ensure our customers get the products they want. The technical team also undertake all the plaster and CAD CAM design and modification work for casted orthotic devices.
A Technical call can be requested on all PPL Prescription forms by ticking the Technical box in the services section, we will then hold your order and speak to you about the prescription before we proceed with the order. This service is used by both experienced practitioners with more complex patients and less confident practitioners who are building their prescription knowledge base. In cases where patient compliance or the desired outcome is not achieved, we are committed to working with practitioners to ensure that problems are resolved in a rapid and effective manner.
PPL have an extensive range of over 30 types of stock orthotic devices, and many footwear and offloading solutions. PPL’s customer services team are familiar with all our stock products, however our Technical Team have years of experience advising customers on selecting the right product for more difficult patient profiles. They know what products are most popular relating to the wide variety of patient types, not only considering medical, age, weight and activity level needs, but also compliance issues such as shoe fit and aesthetics. They also can recommend when a custom made device may be more suitable. You can contact the technical team directly by phone or email. Also see our Online Prescription guides for further assistance.
The technical team reviews every device returned for alteration or refurbishments and guarantees a rapid four day turnaround once instructions are clear. The technical team determine the type and cost of alterations and also determine if the alteration falls under PPL’s complimentary Comfort adjustment service which allows minor comfort or posting adjustments at no charge on custom devices within 3 months of dispatch of orthoses. As Alterations can at times be complex and associated with compliance issues it may be important for the Technical Team to contact you before going ahead with any changes. See further details of all Adjustment and Alteration services under Custom Device Services
Whilst representatives of the company are happy to help you with prescription queries and orders, the nature and prescription of the device will be solely the practitioner’s responsibility. Any suggestion, recommendation or advice made by any representative of the company to a prescribing practitioner in respect of the devices, will not transfer liability or responsibility of therapeutic outcome or tolerance of the devices. The company will manufacture or supply what the practitioner orders. If the practitioner has ordered an inappropriate device the company will accept no liability for the device. If an inappropriate order is placed and requires replacing, remaking or altering in any way from the nature of the original prescription, standard charges will be applied. PPL exclusively deal with Medical Practitioners and will not under any circumstances take orders or any instructions directly from patients.