Account Services

To accommodate our wide range of customers we have three types of customer accounts which operate under differing terms and conditions, one for normal private clinics, one for HSE and NHS accounts and another for HSE based clinics where practitioners request us to take payment directly from the patient.

We offer the option for patients to contact us directly to process payment which has been placed for them by a practitioner. This eliminates considerable time and inconvenience from the practitioner. Due to the increased administration workload with this type of order, an increased charge is applied of €7.50 for stock and custom devices (€10 for footwear). You can download our Patient Pay Direct form from our Forms page. Patient Pay Direct Prescription & Payment Instructions The products below have been prescribed for you by your practitioner, and should not be worn by any other person. To pay, please follow payment instructions below. The goods will then be delivered to your practitioner for fitting. If you have any issues or queries regarding the products your practitioner has prescribed, please contact them directly.
We provide HSE staff with quotations for orders in excess of €250. For all orders less than €250 we provide a convenient requisition form which can be easily completed with reference to our catalogue and price list. You can download our quotation form from our Forms page. HSE Single Patient Quotation is to be used alongside a HSE Requisition, where it is intended that the HSE will provide an official order/payment. Please complete this form using the PPL Trade Price List, and please send to the relevant HSE department, along with your HSE Official Requisition form. This is NOT an order, the HSE must approve the requisition and provide an Official Purchase Order before goods will be dispatched.