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Podartis Footwear

The current Podartis footwear range has been developed in accordance with international guidelines following more than 20 years of approved testing in European university laboratories. These shoes have been purpose made to both prevent and accommodate painful foot pathologies. This is achieved by incorporating innovative materials which conform to the shape of your patient’s foot.

Flexpellâ„¢ is a patented upper material with exceptional elastic properties which is incorporated in our range of Podartis shoes. This material creates a glove-like fitting without compression against painful forefoot deformities such as bunions and hammertoes. An inner layer of micro-transpirant material ensures excellent air circulation while an external waterproof layer protects the foot.

The Biomechanical Outsole provides rocker sole which begins just proximal to the met-heads. This promotes a heel-to-toe gait pattern in patients with poor biomechanical function. With most styles the sole is flexible, however with the more at-risk foot, styles such as XDiab have a rigid sole to offer more assistance and immobilisation.


  • Soft nappa leather upper
  • No stitching around flexion points
  • Soft padded tongue
  • Soft padded collar with Achilles protection

Recommended For

  • Diabetics
  • Active walkers
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Lesser toe deformities

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