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Heat Mouldable Stock Devices

A wide range of our stock orthotic selection can be heat moulded for a more customised fit. This is easily done by heating the underside of the device using a heat gun or high powered hair dryer. These types of devices can be further customised by adding self-adhesive components such as Vasyli Additions. Below is a list of the most appropriate stock devices which contain some of these essential components.

To heat mould a stock orthotic device follow these useful instructions:

  1. Remove - where possible, any existing insole from the patients footwear.
  2. Place the orthotic of choice base up on a heat resistant surface.
  3. Apply heat in a waving motion from the rearfoot into the midfoot. Heating temperature should approximate 200°F - 90°C. Heat for approximately 30 seconds.
  4. (FOR VASYLI DEVICES ONLY) When the Thermal Indicator and STC lettering disappears you have reached a molding temperature.
  5. Place orthotic into footwear and with patient sitting fit the shoe. Note: patient should be wearing socks for the fitting procedure - fitting is done one shoe at a time.
  6. Place patient into STJ neutral via the Talo - Navicular technique and support this position while patient stands with weight evenly distributed on both feet.
  7. IMPORTANT: Maintain the STJ neutral position throughout weight bearing by tightly holding the tibia before and during standing.
  8. Cup the heel, mould along the medial arch profile and push down into the forefoot.
  9. Have the patient sit, remove the shoe, take out the orthotic and allow to cool. Repeat process for the opposite foot.

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