Custom Made Orthoses

Different working environments and patient groups provide an ever varying set of demands and challenges. The freedom of a custom orthotic device allows you to prescribe exactly what each individual patient needs every time.


Our custom made orthotic devices are truly made to measure, and each one is unique. We allow total flexibility in the customisation of your devices. Each device is individually designed and handmade to your requirements. Current research and theories of biomechanics from a multidisciplinary knowledge base are applied to both our manufacturing processes and product design.




 Technical Advice Services


Whether you are a new prescriber, or you have a complicated case our technical advice line offers you the security of speaking to an experienced practitioner before you complete your order. Occcasionally patient compliance or desired outcome is not achieved and the company is comitted to working with practitioners to ensure that problems are solved in a rapid and effective manner.


The care and attention we offer with this complimentary service is what makes PPL the practitioners choice of company.


Turnaround Times & Fast track


PPL prides itself on speedy and reliable turnaround times. Fast track is an additional service offered for an even quicker return. Times are based on complete orders received before 10am.



Prescription Forms


PPL’s prescription forms are designed to be user friendly with sketches of all the most popular additions and designs. The coloured carbon copy should be retained for your patients records. All orders must be accompanied by a completed prescription form.



Medical Device Reports


We issue a medical device report with every custom device. This includes a detailed technical description of the device and can be retained in your patient records.


Standard Guarantees


We offer the following standard guarantees for all our custom made products


  • Comfort Guarantee
    One adjustment for fit & comfort, e.g. trimming of sides and edges of orthoses within 3 Months of dispatch. This does not include stripping covers or adjustment to additions.


  • Shell Fracture Guarantee
    One year guarantee against shell fracture for Podoflex, Podofirm, Flexifirm & Carbonflex orthoses.


  • Posting Adjustments Guarantee
    One Small Posting adjustment for more suitable correction, e.g. adding to, or removal of existing rearfoot extrinsic postings within 3 Months of dispatch


  • Materials & Workmanship Guarantee
    6 month guarantee to repair any orthotic device which has any defects relating to materials or manufacture.


Please note: We will manufacture what you order. If you order the wrong type of device or prescription, we will do our best to assist you, however we cannot accept liability for inappropriate prescriptions.


Special Fitting Service


Tick on the prescription form for this service, which is recommended for those patients requiring complex forefoot and midfoot additions. This service allows even greater flexibility in the customisation of your devices by having the device returned to you uncovered for a trial fitting. Once tested by the patient the devices can be returned for further alteration or finishing. This service allows 2 adjustments over a 6 week period. (Postal charges will be incurred)


Refurbishment Scheme




Tick on the prescription form for this service, when ordering the devices.

This service is only available for Carbonflex and Casted Orthotic devices.

The Refurbishment Scheme protects both the patient and practitioner from excessive financial costs of repeated refurbishments.


The scheme covers the following, in addition to the standard guarantees for a period of 2 years:

  • One Minor Refurbishment:
    Recovering of devices, replacement or removal of heel, midfoot or fofefoot additions. New heel protectors, minor adjustments to exitsing posting. New base linings if required.


  • One Major Refurbishment:
    Same as Minor Refurbishment plus: Reinforcement, replacement of heel posts, and reposting back to original prescription as far as possible.


Please Note*   The patient will not be able to contact us directly, and must return to their medical practitioner to avail

of this service. We will not under any circumstances deal with the patient directly.





Alterations not covered by our standard guarantees can be undertaken, subject to an additional charge. This includes, changing the length of device, adding or removing additions and changing covers. We are willing to alter devices not manufactured by our company, however only on written instructions by the medical practitioner, and we disclaim any liability relating to these devices. Turnaround times vary, dependent upon complexity of work required and production scheduling. Please Note* All custom orthotic devices and alterations are not returnable for refund.

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